When you register with Pulborough Dental Care as a new patient we’ll take a full dental history and make an up to date assessment, we’ll check the condition of your teeth and gums, as well as the health of your whole mouth. We usually capture a couple of digital X-rays, which helps us to see exactly what’s happening between the teeth and under the gum line. X-rays also show up potential problems, which may not be evident underneath old fillings or crowns, for example.

If you require any treatment after your initial check-up then this will be discussed with you in full beforehand, and we’ll give you a run down of all the treatment options available. We always provide an itemised written estimate for you ahead of any treatment that may be required.

For the best possible service and your own wellbeing we recommend a full check up and examination every six months for most patients. At your regular visits, apart from checking your teeth thoroughly, we also check for signs of oral diseases and mouth cancers.

Digital x-rays

Because the x-rays we take are digital it means they’re instant, so there’s no waiting for films to develop. We can show you the x-rays straight away and talk through any issues that may have arisen. X-rays enable us to monitor your mouth structure as it changes over time, and help us to diagnose problems with your teeth and face bones. We can look for cavities, check the health of the tooth, root and bone surrounding the tooth, keep an eye on developing teeth, locate impacted teeth and identify problems within between the teeth, jawbones and the temporomandibular joint. Digital x-rays also emit a lower dose of radiation, which is better for your long-term health.


We use sophisticated digital x-ray and intraoral camera technology

Intraoral camera

We make use of a sophisticated self-lit intraoral camera, which is an advanced digital x-ray diagnostic device that allows us to examine your mouth in minute detail, using a pen like camera. The camera helps us to identify wear and tear, cracked teeth, broken fillings, plaque build up, cavities, gum problems, and treat them before they become major issues.

By zooming in on specific areas at up to 100 times magnification, we can diagnose the start of periodontal disease or tooth decay that would have otherwise gone undetected with just the naked eye. It’s a unique piece of technology that allows you the patient to get involved because the images we capture can be viewed by you in real time on a high-resolution monitor, at the same time as us. We can communicate problems within your mouth much more clearly than we ever could before, and you can ask questions and interact as part of the examination process. We believe this also gives you a greater sense of understanding about your dental health.

The use of sophisticated digital x-ray equipment enables us to maintain detailed records about the health of your teeth and facial bone structure. The digital images can be archived and retrieved quickly and easily in case of an emergency. The files are also small enough to be emailed for further consultation if required, and can be printed out for further investigation.