Denplan is a great way to help you budget for your private dental healthcare, and it’s very easy to join up through Pulborough Dental Care because we’re an official Denplan member practice.

Denplan is the UK’s leading dental payment plan specialist, it assists both patients and dental practice team members with private dental care, offering a range of dental payment plans to suit every oral health need and budget.

Denplan and its member dentists support a preventive approach to private dental care, and Denplan payment plans help patients to prevent dental problems before they begin. With the very best oral health advice, up-to-date dental knowledge and the latest innovative techniques, Denplan dentists and their practice teams like Pulborough Dental Care work with patients so that you can enjoy healthy teeth, and gums for life.


Pulborough Dental Care is an authorised Denplan practice

To join Denplan is very straightforward, all you need to do is contact us, tell us you’re thinking of joining Denplan and make an appointment with us. During the appointment we’ll discuss the dental payment plan that’s right for you, your needs and budget.

If you decide to join the Denplan Care payment plan, we’ll first make sure that you have no outstanding dental treatment in progress or impending.

We’ll discuss your Denplan application thoroughly, which will state anything that may be excluded from your plan, and complete the Denplan application with you, which will form the contract between you and Pulborough Dental Care. Before completing your Denplan application, you’ll be provided with the Supplementary Insurance policy summary.

You’ll receive a welcome letter or email from Denplan to confirm your application has been successfully processed.

This will contain important details about your plan and we recommend you keep it for future reference.

For more information about Denplan you can visit their website here.