Patient Confidentiality


At Pulborough Dental Care patient confidentiality is taken very seriously and is essential to the running of our dental practice. We follow the guidelines laid out by the General Dental Council on confidentiality. All information, which passes between Pullborough Dental Care and our patients during the course of our professional relationship, is kept secret.

No information is shared with anyone other than the practice team, which will be for the purpose of dental and hygiene treatment only. No third parties have access to any of our records, which are kept on a secure server. This is a key fundamental principle of dental ethics and is maintained at all times.

It is a dentist’s duty to observe and follow the rules of professional secrecy by refraining from disclosing voluntarily, to any third party, any information, which has been learned directly or indirectly during the course of his/her professional relationship with the patient. The obligation extends to all members of practice staff.